Each BigDataCloud API offers a substantial number of free API queries per month. 

If you require more than the free API limit, then you can make use of our subscriptions to increase the limit. A subscription enables you to specify your monthly usage requirement for the API's if you expect to go above the free threshold. 

This usage is specified in lots, with a monthly fee allocated to each lot you require.

Using the IP Address Geolocation with Confidence Area API as an example:

This API has a cost of USD$2.00 per 10,000 queries, per month. 

If you require 100,000 queries per month then the subscription cost can be calculated as follows: 

Total monthly queries required


Less free queries (10,000)


Units required (divide by 10,000)


Price per unit

USD $2.00

Total monthly subscription cost

USD $18.00


  • A 10% discount is available for monthly subscriptions that exceed 1 million queries.
  • A 20% discount is available for annual subscriptions.
  • Both discounts are applied if your annual subscription has more than 1 million queries per month.

We provide an extremely easy to use tool to manage your subscription, click here to get started.